Local STEM Teacher Helps Students Innovate for Kids With Special Needs

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Lisa Wong left her corporate, engineering job to help young girls find a love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Her current position as the director of technology at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison has given her the opportunity to do that.

“Females bring such a different perspective to the table, which is so invaluable when it comes to collaboration and innovation,” Wong said.

Wong is taking it a step further with her students, showing them how their efforts in the STEM field can improve life for others as they build technology for students with special needs.

Lisa Wong
Courtesy: Lisa Wong

“They come to love these families and the families cry when they get the products. They are accustomed to their systems, but then they can add these therapies allowing these kids to do things that will help with their well-being and life,” Wong said.

Thanks to Wong’s contributions, her school now has a STEM lab, so that students can learn about what tech companies are doing. It also helps parents see this is a field their child can go into as long as they have a passion for innovation.

“Don’t do STEM for STEM, do it because it will help others,” Wong said.

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