Local Nonprofit Highlights Gifts that Give Back

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A local nonprofit has found a way to make the holiday season merry and bright through gifts that keep on giving.

The Kleinert Foundation, based in North Texas, has released their 2021 Gift Guide complete with 15 Texas company products that help their communities in some way. Those companies are known for raising awareness of sex trafficking, abuse, addiction and crime, specifically.

During the holiday season, the Kleinert Foundation celebrates Texas businesses that are doing their part to help with those problems.

“It serves populations in need of a chance and that is what we love. The employees are given an opportunity to serve and to be able to be trained or they are giving money back to foundations that are trying to help. So, it’s in one of those two buckets that we love,” said Mackenzie Kleinert, Kleinert Foundation board member.

Some of the products they are highlighting are specifically from North Texas:

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