Mom Brings The Colony HS Seniors Together With Creative Shirts

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High School seniors across the country are having a senior year like no one could have imagined. Proms have been canceled, most graduations have been canceled and life, as we all know it, has changed drastically.

A North Texas mom wanted to do something good for the seniors at The Colony High School and it definitely made for some smiles.

Courtesy: Carrie Donohue

The mother of senior Andrew Tvardzik posted the senior shirt she made for the students on her Facebook page a little more than a week ago. This was after she already had 100 made. Tvardzik was out of work, so she decided to make a little extra money with these shirts. She was also able to find a local printer that could help her make them.

Courtesy: Carrie Donohue

The shirts, a play on the popular NBC show "Friends." The shirt reads “The episode where they were all quarantined.” Every episode title of the show started with, “The episode where…”

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