Local Mall Pianist Gives Facebook Live Concert

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Brad Hanson is known as the “piano man” at NorthPark Center. He has been playing the piano for mall guests for the last 11 years. When the mall closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, he wasn’t able to showcase his talent for the many mall visitors.

He didn’t let that stop him from doing something good for the community.

"Music is the ability to connect with people and their emotions, to make a beautiful art form come to life. For me personally, it’s the best way I can express emotions and I love to create," Hanson said.

Hanson held an online concert on his Facebook page. Not only did he play for four hours, but he also took requests!

"Well, it’s a tough time right now for all of us. I know I am personally really missing the connections I make with people while at the piano at NorthPark Center- like seeing kids dance around, seeing familiar faces... so I thought we could all use a break to just enjoy some music! I enjoy playing, and love that I could still take requests this way," Hanson said.

Just another example of people helping people and the little things helping us all get through this together.

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