Local 4th Grader Raises Nearly $5K for Homeless Teens

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Mia Camm was just 5-years-old when she started her Brighter Lemonade stand. She started it to raise money, but the money was never for her, but rather for teens in need.

“My parents asked me if I wanted to keep the money for myself and I told them that I wanted to donate it to charity,” Mia said. “We researched charities and we found Kyle’s Place, which is a shelter for homeless teens and every summer ever since, we have been doing a lemonade stand.”

Mary Camm
Mia's Brighter Lemonade stand

To date, the Lewisville ISD fourth-grader has raised nearly $5,000 for Kyle’s Place.

“I feel like kids my age are a top priority, but really, they are kids too and they still need love and attention. So I fell like they need help too,” Mia said.

Her parents said they couldn’t be prouder.

“This was all her idea and her going forward on everything. We just help support her,” Mia’s mother Mary said.

Mia said two of her friends, Lilly and Claire, have also helped with the lemonade stand in the past. Now in fourth grade, she has no intentions of slowing down. Proving in life, you can turn lemons into lemonade.

While the summer lemonade stand is closed, the donation box is always open.

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