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Kid-Run Nonprofit to Support Veterans and First Responders

The Fort Worth-based Colonial Kids for A Cause hopes to raise $50k

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A Fort Worth group known as the "lemonAid kids" will put their fundraising powers to work for veterans.

The group Colonial Kids for a Cause raises money, in part, by selling lemonade. These philanthropic kids have convened during the annual golf tournament at Colonial Country Club for more than 16 years to support the work of others.

Members of Colonial Kids meet to consider which nonprofit it will support as it kicks off a new year of fundraising. Photo Credit: Michelle Marlow

The kid-run nonprofit got together recently to hear pitches from several groups and chose the Fort Worth-based American Warrior Association as its next recipient.

The national organization helps military veterans, first responders and their families stressed by high-risk careers reconnect and continue to serve their communities. The program works through the pillars of mind, body and soul to help them live a life of purpose.

American Warrior Association
American Warrior Association, a nonprofit based in Fort Worth, supports military veterans, first responders and their families.

Colonial Kids hopes to raise $50,000 for the American Warrior Association from now until the Charles Schwaab Challenge at Colonial May 23rd - 29th, 2022

AWA executive director Will Spencer, a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, says the money will be used to support military veterans, first responders and their families in Fort Worth.

To support Colonial Kids, contact or donate directly to American Warrior Association here.

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