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High School Senior Does Something Good for His Favorite Bus Driver

'I wanted to repay the kindness she has shown me and ensure that she knows the kids on the bus also care about her,' says student Caden Filler

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A North Texas high school senior wanted to show his favorite bus driver just how loved and appreciated she is - and it's Something Good.

Caden Filler saw an opportunity and ran with it. He rides the bus to and from the Keller Center for Advanced Learning, and every Monday and Friday, Gail McDaniel, or "Ms. Gail" as she's called, is always in the driver's seat welcoming students with a big warm "hello."

He and McDaniel became pretty close during their brief conversations, and he learned she was trying to become healthier and was saving money for a bike.

"I wanted to repay the kindness she has shown me and ensure that she knows the kids on the bus also care about her," Filler said.

Filler's initial goal was $600, but he actually raised $800 from people here at home and across the country.  

"This extra support overwhelmed me, and I realized how many people in the world are willing to help if they just receive a cause," Filler said. "Thanks to all their support, I was able to get a bike, helmet, water bottle and a gift card for shoes. All of these people helped and trusted me to serve a bus driver who always serves others."

On Monday, May 10, Filler had everything ready to go, so he arrived at school a little early and set up the bike and a sign for McDaniel.

"We hid the bike from the line of sight to ensure she did not know what was coming," Filler said. "Then when she pulled up to drop off students, I ran and waved her down. At first, I think she was confused when I told her to keep pulling up, but her expression quickly changed when she realized that I had hidden a bike around the corner.

"She covered her face in amazement and struggled to get the bus to stop. She opened the bus doors and repeatedly yelled, 'is this for me? Is this mine?' before getting off the bus. She ran up and hugged me, then my parents, while constantly thanking God, then immediately took her new wheels for a spin. Every person she saw she would call out to in pure joy, still not fully believing she had received a bike."

Filler says this was a reminder for him to never underestimate the power that small acts of kindness have.

Big thank you to Keller ISD for sharing Something Good with us.

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