‘Good News Dashboard' Grows in Popularity

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Two Dallas men have created an online ‘good news’ website hoping to bring light and love to the world during recent tough times surrounding coronavirus.

“We recently launched the Good News Dashboard,” InspireMore co-founder Robert Neeley said. “It is all the most inspiring tips, encouraging news and things that will make you smile around coronavirus.”

The Coronavirus Good News Dashboard which is a part of the InspireMore site is described as a tool for people all over the globe to easily and quickly find daily sources of hope, positivity and inspiration during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“At the start of COVID-19, we kept hearing people - our family, friends, readers - say that they were losing hope during this time of Coronavirus,” said Neely. “We wanted to instill that hope - we were hearing inspiring anecdotes of people all around the world trying to make a positive impact in their communities daily.”

It is a place to find inspirational and motivational stories, pictures, videos and posts.

“We all need to be informed with what is going on, ways to stay safe and what is happening with this virus, but at the same time we need to be inspired and to enjoy life and to realize there’s still good in the world,” Neeley said.

Neely started InspireMore with his partner Hunter Stensrud.


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