Frisco Teenager Launches Kindness Club

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A teenager in Frisco just wanted to spread some kindness.

More than 65 others and counting liked her idea, and together they're doing something good to make a time of uncertainty a little easier.

“We want to promote kindness, compassion, happiness and positivity,” said Pranavi Reddi, the founder of a new nonprofit now called Kindness4All. Reddi started the project as a club called Kindness4Frisco, and it now operates as a nonprofit.

“In our club, each month, we partner with different nonprofit organizations in Frisco to help spread kindness and compassion. All of our activities are something that people of all ages can participate in from their own homes,” Reddi explained.

Reddi founded the club in June and already, she and her members have written kind notes to the homeless, written letters of encouragement to breast cancer patients, written thank you notes to volunteers with Frisco Family Services and created origami pets to cheer up residents in nursing homes.

Reddi, a rising junior at Centennial High School, says her project taps into something within each of us. 

“In my opinion, the greatest superpower we all have is the power of kindness. And Kindness4Frisco is all about helping people unleash that superpower while giving back to the community,” Reddi said.

The teenager says together, she and her team of volunteers hope to “help make Frisco a kinder and happier place.”

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