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Free Seminar Will Focus on Workplace Wellness

Blue Zones Project Fort Worth event is for anyone interested in a stronger workplace and body

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Getting into the back-to-work routine can be tough on a Monday, but business as usual can be an even bigger challenge for those who've been away since the pandemic shut down offices last spring.

"We have over 160 work sites we work with that represent over 100,000 people. So we absolutely knew it was an important topic to make sure we were bringing tips and help not just from a physical standpoint but from a mental standpoint," said Matt Dufrene, Texas Health Resources Vice President and point person for the Blue Zones Project Fort Worth.

The wellness initiative will host a free virtual seminar on Friday, April 30, to help bosses and employees come back better and stronger. Navigating Employee Wellness is focused on better well-being as we continue to live in a changing environment.

"And topics that are all relevant to the world we're living in today; still in the COVID world but maybe looking into this post-pandemic world. So we have experts that will be talking on a variety of topics from nutrition, obviously critically important now. Mental well-being, but also resiliency and certainly covering topics like COVID vaccinations, so a wide array of topics. Last but not least, we have an expert that will also be talking about just what does the workplace look like in this return to work, so providing great information for both employees and employers," Dufrene said.

Dufrene says employers should recognize that in order to remain competitive, they may need to offer a blend of virtual and in-person work and invest in technology to support it. They'll also need to make a decision about the COVID-19 vaccine and communicate that to employees along with safety practices that will be in place at work.

He encourages employees to be adaptable, to understand the expectations about COVID vaccination and safety protocols. Dufrene advises employees to monitor their own physical and mental well-being and do what's good to boost both.

Some of the wellness activities endorsed by Blue Zones include eating more fruits and vegetables, getting in more natural movement like walking, putting family and friends first, being intentional about time away from work and prioritizing things that help reframe our mental outlook.

The free, virtual half-day Employee Wellness Symposium is open to business leaders, HR professionals, workplace wellness leaders and anyone interested in a stronger workplace and body.

See link for schedule, program details and to register.

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