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Fort Worth Men Launch Kicks4Kicks Charity to Help Those in Need

Homeless in Fort Worth will be given a brand new pair of shoes in exchange for their old ones on Thanksgiving Day

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Two men from Fort Worth are doing something good this Thanksgiving for those who are homeless in their city by launching a nonprofit charity called “Kicks4Kicks.”

They’ll be given a brand new pair of shoes in exchange for their old ones.

“Everyone needs a boost of happiness,” said Kicks4Kicks co-founder Joseph Rodarte. “And I feel like that this will bring a lot of happiness, not just to the people receiving the shoes, but to people that are donating them because honestly we’re all blessed.”

“This was an opportunity for me to get my feet into something and give back to the community, and especially with one of my best friends,” said Michael Reed. “So it was just something that we could do together to make a difference.”

Starting right now, through Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, they’re accepting new pairs of kicks. Rodarte and Reed have partnered with The Library Bar in downtown Fort Worth to make it happen. They’ll serve as one of their drop off locations.  

“We’re going to go ahead and take a mass order of shoes that are getting donated to us and we’re going to take the new pairs of shoes and go ahead and start giving them out during Thanksgiving,” said Rodarte.

If you’d like to buy a brand new pair of kicks for the Kicks4Kicks charity, they’ve made it easy for us with their Amazon wish list.  

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