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Fort Worth Hospital Sees Record Number of Newborns Delivered in 1 Month

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There's a lot of something good happening at a women's hospital in Fort Worth.

The labor and delivery team at Women's Hospital at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center saw its busiest month ever with 581 newborn deliveries. That beats the previous record of 553 in a month.

An average of 19 babies per day were welcomed by the team in August, for a total of 297 boys, 284 girls, and 13 sets of multiples.

The hospital provided some key facts from August to put that into perspective:

  • Most deliveries in a 24-hour period: 32
  • Most boys delivered in one day: 18
  • Most girls delivered in one day: 14
  • Most popular name for a boy: Eli and Carter (tied, at 4 each)
  • Most popular name for a girl: Isabella (6)

Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Herd said staff had to manage a busy summer and additional COVID-19 protocols.

"Luckily, we had it down before August hit because 580 babies is about 80 babies a month more than we normally do," said Herd.

He said population growth in North Texas likely contributed to August's baby boom.

"We don’t really know why, but normally June, July and August are busy months across the Southern United States," explained Herd.

One of the babies born during the baby boom is Forte Nezworski, born on August 27.

"People weren’t allowed to come visit at the hospital, but with technology we Facetimed and Zoomed," said Keely Nezworski, Forte's mother. "It was nice to get those few days with just the three of us in the hospital."

Nezworski said her husband is saving newspaper clippings to someday show their son what life was like during his historic birth year.

"I’ll tell him it was a really scary time for a lot of people, but he brought so much joy," said Nezworski. "We’re happy that he came out happy and healthy and our whole family is doing really well."

Andrews Women’s Hospital currently stands as the only dedicated women’s hospital in Fort Worth and sees nearly 6,000 babies annually — more than any other facility in Tarrant County and in the Baylor Scott & White Health System, according to a hospital news release.

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