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First Responders Save Red Oak Boy's Birthday Weekend

Street-side wishes help Red Oak boy celebrate birthday

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A little boy in the town of Red Oak learned first hand that first responders will do just about anything to save the day.

Firefighters and police officers were part of a birthday parade last weekend for Jacob Jaimes.

Jacob thought his birthday was ruined after his parents had to cancel his party due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jacob Jaimes thought his birthday was ruined when his party was canceled. Mom's plan made it all better. Credit: Joanna Jaimes

So, his mom invited family and friends to a birthday parade. Then, she stepped it up and asked firefighters and police officers to roll by, too.

Jacob stood in his front yard on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, watching and waving as car after car drove by with honks and shouts of "Happy Birthday, Jacob!"

A post on social media from the city's fire chief reads, "With the current situation, many normal activities and celebrations have been canceled or postponed. For adults, we understand the magnitude of the situation and the reason why events have to be canceled. However, our children don’t always understand it. Red Oak Fire Rescue was contacted by a parent that had a 6-year-old and his birthday was canceled due to COVID-19. Mom along with the help of neighbors and friends set up a birthday parade for Jacob and asked if Red Oak Fire & Police would participate. As Fire Chief, it makes me extremely proud that our members are willing to help make a 6-year-olds birthday as special as we possibly can in times like these. Thank you B-Shift and the members of Red Oak PD! Great Job guys!"

In another post, Jacob's mom, Joanna Jaimes, wrote, "Special thanks to Red Oak Fire and Red Oak Police! By the end of the parade Jacob was in happy tears."

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