FedEx Worker Caught Enjoying Driveway Obstacle Course

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Essential workers are keeping the country moving right now, and there is one in particular who made a Southlake family smile in the midst of so much uncertainty.

“My daughters and I made the chalk obstacle course and were playing in the front yard,” Susan Wheeler said. “We saw the FedEx man stop at our neighbor’s house. I asked my daughters if they though the FedEx man would do our obstacle course.”

So, Susan and her daughters, Lyla and Harper waved him over. Susan said he seemed a little confused at first, but he continued to go down the street.

“Our road is a circle, so when he went around it, he came back by and asked if we needed something. The girls and I asked him if he could do our obstacle course. He said, ‘sure!’ and we were so excited,” Susan said.

Susan even asked him to do it again so she could get the entire thing on cellphone video.

“He was the nicest guy and we would just love to thank him for making our day, especially during these times. I understand how busy he is and how people are counting on him to deliver packages. We are so thankful he did stop and took that extra minute to put a smile on our faces, hopscotching with his gloves and mask on.

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