Family's Christmas Village Collection Features 110 Buildings, Custom Designs

It has taken a North Texas family nearly 30 years to craft 'Mooreville' in their home

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A North Texas family has turned a nearly 30-year tradition into something good that they want to share with others.

The Christmas village that the Moore family has assembled over the years, starting with the post-Christmas purchase of four tiny homes, has grown to a collection of approximately 110 buildings, along with scores of tiny people who occupy custom-built snowy scenes, including mountains, fountains and parks.

“If you can look at a scene and it brings back a memory for you when you were young, something that reminds you of your family, then we have accomplished what we were trying to do,” said Christopher Moore, who has largely been the driving force behind the multigenerational family effort now known as “Mooreville.” “The whole goal of the scene is to bring joy to the world.”

Moore’s mother, Sandra, his wife, Tiffaney, and his daughter, Amani, all take great pride in the family tradition that now occupies an entire room in the house when it is set up, and the entirety of a custom-built closet when it is boxed up and stored away.

Photos: Family's Christmas Village Collection Features 110 Buildings, Custom Designs

Amani, 18, was born into the tradition and has now been tasked with designing and creating some of the elaborate features that occupy Mooreville, including an attempted replica of the gardens at the Palace of Versailles in France, and of New York’s Central Park.

“I think it brings the family together because we all put our input in on it, and it’s a good family tradition,” Amani Moore said. “And it just makes me feel happy. And we like letting people see it and just feel the love from it.”

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