Euless Restoration Business Restoring Kindness

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A North Texas company is known for restoring properties after water damage, but they’re doing something good in restoring kindness as well.

Dalworth Restoration in Euless is in their fifth year of “Restoring Kindness.” The family that owns the 42-year-old business heard about the Restoring Kindness initiative a couple of years ago happening nationally. They decided they wanted to add to the community efforts they had already been part of by transforming the way people saw kindness.

They have delivered ice cream to local fire departments, surprised patrons at an Arlington restaurant by picking up their tabs, surprised North Texans with coffee and pizza and so much more.

“It’s all about paying it forward throughout the community,” Robyn Kent of Dalworth Restoration said. “If everybody just does one small kind act like opening doors, wishing someone a great day, it can be something simple, then you would make someone’s day.”

Kent said the ultimate objective is to remind people we can all have a bad day, but we all can make someone’s day as well.

“We want to spread the kindness. Especially with the pandemic that’s going on and you know just let people know that people are out there and they still care,” Kent said.

To date, they have helped more than 50 restoration companies across America and Canada participate in the Restoring Kindness program.

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