Mesquite ISD

Dozens of Mesquite ISD Kids In Need Get Christmas Surprise

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Some Mesquite ISD employees are saving the holidays for students who otherwise may be missing out.

The transportation employees donated and delivered gifts for 60 Mesquite ISD students who don’t have permanent addresses.

“Students are asking for towels, warm socks and hoodies. Things that so many other students take for granted,” Michelle Ramm, Transportation Director of Mesquite ISD said. “You want to go through life and think that you have touched one [life]. Well, look at how many our department is touching every year. I can’t put it into words. I am humbled and honored to be their leader. I think the world of them.”

The district’s field trip coordinator, Lella Henderson, said she has been in the situation some of these parents and kids are in and is just thankful she could help.

“Imagine being a little kid and having to leave your home because of an emergency and not having anywhere to go. Just thinking that you are not going to have a Christmas,” Henderson said.

They have doubled the number of kids they were able to help from last year to this year and hoping to do the same next year.

Ramm is even planning to challenge other district transportation departments to do the same thing to help those students in need.

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