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Dirty Laundry Left on a Weatherford Porch Spins Mystery

Products to wash the clothes were left, too

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Cybill Moore may never forget the day a mystery arrived on her doorstep.

"It was a very large basket of men's dirty laundry and I was like, 'OK, I don't know whose this is,'" she said.

A basket of dirty laundry had mysteriously shown up on the porch of the property she shares with her great aunt in Weatherford. Whoever left it clearly wanted it washed.

"It had a Walmart bag next to it with the laundry soap and the softener and the dryer sheets," Moore said. "I left it for about 24 hours just to see if anybody had realized, 'Oh, I Ieft it, let me go grab it,' and they didn't."

Moore posted pictures on community pages on social media sites hoping to find the owner. NBC 5 viewers Jill and Misty shared pictures with us. The local paper in Weatherford got wind of it, too, and ran a story.

Moore, meanwhile, wasn't ready to wash her hands of it. She pressed on.

"It's two loads. It's not gonna be that big a deal, so I went ahead and did it," Moore said. While she washed the dirty clothes, folded them and put them back in the laundry basket, the story spun around town.

"And maybe not even 10 minutes later, a gentleman knocked on my door and was like, "Do you happen to have a basket of laundry?' And, I said, "Yes sir, I do.' He was like, "That's mine.'" Moore said the man told her it was supposed to be dropped four houses down where he pays a woman to do his laundry.

"He said, 'I'm sorry.' I said, 'It's OK, I washed it by the way.' And he was shocked about that. I figured it needed to be washed since it was on the porch, so I went and did it. And he was like, 'Oh, my goodness, thank you so much. I've been wearing these same jeans for three days now,'" she explained.

For three days, the mystery of who left the basket of laundry on her porch and why lingered, but there's no mystery in why Moore decided to wash a stranger's dirty clothes.

"It was just something that, hey, we've all struggled in the last year. This isn't too big of a deal, why not just do it?" she said.

"If somebody's laundry happens to show up, maybe you should probably do it because maybe somebody needs it. Otherwise, try to find the owner because they might be needin' their pants," Moore said.

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