Dallas Woman Turns Tragedy into Triumph, Helps Domestic Violence Survivors

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A North Texas woman took her life from tragedy to triumph and is now trying to help other survivors just like her do the same.

Angelina Scott Dunbar is not only a breast cancer survivor but also a domestic violence survivor. She was beaten so badly that she was temporarily blind and didn’t know if she could find the will to live.

“I asked God why did he keep me here,” Dunbar said. “What I realized in surviving is that everything in our life is a choice and just like things happen to us that are not our choice, it is our choice to change the trajectory and make sure that we know we have it in us to come out on top.”

Dunbar, who is a real estate developer who lives in Dallas, decided the way to do that was to start a nonprofit called My Story Our Journey.

“We highlight the people who have survived human trafficking, drugs, addiction, homelessness, sexual assault, domestic violence, breast cancer, HIV, life imprisonment. we just take time to listen to those people because I am just like them," Dunbar said.

Through her organization, Dunbar has hosted the “Survivors Ball” and this will be her third year hosting it. It’s a time where survivors of so many things get together to honor and uplift each other.

"I hope that people realize if they own their power and take back their life and choose to live and not just live life but survive. survive anything I go through because it's life. life happened,” Dunbar said.

This year’s event in October will honor 13 survivors with the organization continuing its efforts to help survivors thrive.

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