Dallas-Based App Helps Feed 4 Million People

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They consider themselves a company with a purpose.

TangoTab started in the Dallas area eight years ago with the mission to not only run a successful company but also to shine a light on hunger in communities across the country.

“We started it in 2011 and throughout the years the team has built it up. People use our app, they dine out, they check-in and every time they do that, we feed a person in need. Today, we have fed a lot of people by doing that,” Nick Marino Jr, Director of Social Change said.

According to the company’s website, "TangoTab founder Andre Angel, wanted to create a fun and simple way to solve a serious, massive problem. He wanted to combat hunger by providing a meal to a local food charity every time he paired a hungry consumer with an empty table at a restaurant, what began as a complex issue evolved into a solvable problem."

TangoTab makes money through advertisers. The app download and usage is free to consumers. Consumers can check in at more than 100,000 restaurants on the app. Every time someone does, TangoTab feeds a person in need.

To date, they have now fed more than four million people.

The pandemic has made the need for food greater than ever.

Courtesy TangoTab

“During the pandemic, hunger has taken an entirely different turn that we never thought of. We already knew that it was bad, but it has become so bad that so many individuals who never thought they would need a meal, need help right now,” Marino Jr. said. “To be able to reach a milestone like four million people fed is not just anything that we did, it’s a testament to our community and the individuals that say we care about our neighbors and we need them right now.”

They plan to build another community garden in North Texas, the first was in Dallas, to help with sustainability opportunities in Collin County.

“We originally created our first garden at The Bridge Homeless Shelter in downtown Dallas. It created space not only to produce food for their kitchen, but individuals are able to get trained there. They can learn how to garden and get jobs at different throughout the metroplex. We aren’t just giving people fish, we are teaching them how,” Marino Jr. said.

TangoTab is working on several other initiatives, including Feed the City events on Saturdays they invite the public to help with.

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