DFW National Cemetery

Chosin Few Memorial Stands Tall at DFW National Cemetery, Honoring Korean War Veterans

A new memorial in Dallas is doing Something Good by honoring those who fought in the Korean War. The “Chosin Few” memorial now stands in the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery

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The Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery is now home to the Chosin Few Memorial, honoring the soldiers who fought in the Korean War.

After more than four years of working to gain approvals and funding, dignitaries were finally able to unveil and dedicate the memorial earlier this month after announcing construction plans earlier this year.

The Chosin Few Memorial was designed by Dallas artists Mark Austin Byrd, a Marine helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War who received the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Jenelle Armstrong Byrd.

The granite and steel memorial commemorates the 1950 Battle of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea.

Several survivors were in attendance to witness the unveiling of the 12-foot-tall granite wall that tells the story of the battle, depicting 40 distinguishable men.

Displayed on top of the wall sits a stainless-steel Star or Koto-Ri, representing the one marines saw shining through a blizzard the night before evacuating 100,000 Koreans in what is known as the "Christmas Miracle."

The memorial can be found in the assembly area of the cemetery, immediately east of Veterans Lake.

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