Boy Scout Has 137 Reasons to Celebrate

Dylan Mitchell completes scouting career with 137 merit badges

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It's mission accomplished in today's something good, and Dylan Mitchell is the one completing the mission.

A few days ago, Dylan earned his 137th merit badge which is every badge the Boy Scouts of America offers. Badges are earned in a variety of topics from lifesaving to sports to woodwork. Dylan's final badge was scuba diving.

Dylan Mitchell, completed seven-year journey to complete every merit badge offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Credit: Victor Rivera, Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council

Victor Rivera with the Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council in Hurst tells us at age 18, Dylan's scouting career has now come to an end but not before completing two goals.

In 2019 , he joined the 8% of scouts who earn the rank of Eagle Scout. And in 2021, he accomplished his goal of completing all 137 badges. Rivera says it's an accomplishment rarely seen.

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