Boy, 10, Finds His Passion in the Sound of Sirens

The City of Dallas invited Asher Davis to help test the siren system

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The city of Dallas tests its outdoor warning system on the first Wednesday of every month. And when the sirens sounded last week, it was something good for a little boy named Asher Davis.

"Whenever I went to that place, I actually got to test the sirens," Davis,10, told NBC 5 as he described the big moment when he clicked a button and the siren in front of him sounded. "Amazing!"

So, how did he get this amazing experience? Credit mom. She posted pictures of his career day outfit on the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management Facebook page. He'd dressed up as an emergency management officer and Gwendolyn Wallace-Davis thought the workers would appreciate his aspiration.

It led to a special invitation to the city's office of emergency management. Davis got the VIP treatment from a tour of the office to the moment he actually got to test a siren.

"It's great because I actually got to test the sirens. Testing sirens is fun. They're nice and loud and I actually like loud noises," Davis said.

"They were so nice. They do so much. And we just really appreciate what they did for Asher. It was the experience of a lifetime for him," mom said.

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management gave Asher Davis, 10, the VIP treatment during a recent tour. Photo Credit: City of Dallas

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