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Block Bingo Brings Together Fort Worth Community

Block Bingo allows neighbors to be together while staying apart

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On a recent Sunday afternoon, you could hear it a block away. 

“I 22. I 22.  O 66. 0 66.”

Instantly you knew, someone was playing Bingo. In fact, it was practically an entire block playing. 

A neighborhood in Fort Worth has found something good to help connect as families protect themselves from the coronavirus. 

Block Bingo is the name of the game in Mistletoe Heights.

Deborah Ferguson
Family in Mistletoe Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth plays Block Bingo.

Neighbor after neighbor, from one end of the block to practically the other end, set up a table in the driveway or front porch, pulled out Bingo cards and covered squares hoping to be a lucky winner 

For families, it’s a fun way to pass the time.

And for organizers Nikki and Eric Rustad, it just makes sense. They often do things with the neighbors on their street, and everyone was missing that time together. Block Bingo allows them to be together while staying apart.

Deborah Ferguson
Nikki and Eric Rustad organized Block Bingo in their Fort Worth neighborhood.

“We're maybe the crazy neighbors in the neighborhood. We like to do things in a big way. My son (Cal, 14) has the equipment, so we decided to set it up and have some fun,” she said in between bingo calls. 

Rustad says they’ve played Block Bingo twice, so far, and feels certain it will be back by popular demand.

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