Balloon Artist Delivers Joy to McKinney Neighborhood

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The goodness in people these days is shining bright like the stars of Texas. Here's what that looks like in a neighborhood in McKinney.

Kids are getting elaborate balloon art delivered to their doorstep - for free!

“I’ve been sitting around here, looking at all their kids and their birthdays and everything that has been canceled and wanted to do something to help brighten their days,” said Ron Shover, a balloon artist who offered to make and deliver the balloons to the kids in his neighborhood.

Shover is a professional master balloon artist, but gigs dropped one after the other when coronavirus hit.  He decided to use his talents to benefit his neighbors. 

“There are so many people out there doing something to help our community; what can I do? And what I’m best at is entertaining children, so why not get out there and do what I do best?,” he explained. 

He posted the offer of free balloon deliveries on social media and has been busy ever since.

“Every night is a late night getting prepped for the next day, and then getting out in the mornings doing deliveries. Then by the time you get back to your phone, it's full again with new orders,” Shover said. “Currently, I have done 127 homes in four weeks and it's been over 200 balloons total 'cuz you have multiple kids per home, and I’m just happy we're able to get to so many children.” 

Shover’s joy in seeing kids smile is rooted in a past that wasn’t so happy. 

“I grew up in the foster system. I spent many years wrapped up in that system, going home to home, and I’ve been an active part in that system for over 20 years since I’ve been an adult,” he said.  

He earned three world titles in balloon artistry to bring awareness and funds to groups that help children. 

“From where I came from, it feels good to give back, and if I can change one life, it's worth it to me,” he said.

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