Arlington Neighbors Find Something Good in New Project

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Ed Flanegin reached out to NBC 5 with "the story of a superman without a cape."

Flanegin lives in the Western Trails neighborhood of Arlington and happily brags about the new green corridor project.

"This is a project for the community, and we all can help and should help by considering it as part of your house," Flanegin wrote.

So, He was thrilled when he saw a guy picking up trash in the corridor the other day. He decided to turn around to do a meet and greet.

It turns out that Lance Moore lives in the neighborhood, is "on the bench," he told Flanegin, and picks up trash to get in some exercise and keep the neighborhood clean.

"Lance is MY HERO. Lance got all my respect," Flangin wrote to NBC 5. "And I gave Lance a big thank you for his service and expressed to him that his action just made my day."

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