something good

PB&J project serves up 1,500 sandwiches a month

The organizer also hopes to cultivate compassion and generosity in those who join her

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It's pretty easy to slap together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and when you get a group together to make thousands of 'em, it's "something good."

Volunteers came together for the 10th Annual PJ&J Sandwiches Project at Phap Quang Temple in Grand Prairie.

Elaine Ky started the project a decade ago with the goal of making and donating sandwiches to people in need.

The work came with a loftier mission.

"Provide an environment for all ages to cultivate mindful compassion and generosity throughout the year," she wrote in an email.

Volunteers meet every third Saturday from April to November to make 1,500 sandwiches a month.

Mission Arlington then distributes them.

"The volunteers range from age 3 to 88 and it's wonderful to see three generations of a family coming in to help or parents wanting their kids to learn kindness and giving at an early age," Ky said.

The community sponsors the project but Ky says more support will bring more sandwiches and more help.

The group needs sandwich bags and sponsors to fund the monthly event.

To donate or sponsor the monthly event contact Elaine Ky at

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