Something Good: Fort Worth Celebrates 30-Year Relationship With Nagaoka, Japan

Fort Worth-made pickles and whiskey may have found new customers more than 6,300 miles away in Nagaoka, Japan.

The presidents of Best Maid Pickles and TX Whiskey were part of a recent delegation to Nagaoka in celebration of a 30-year sister city relationship with Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Sister Cities International board member Carlo Capua was on the trip, too. Capua told NBC 5 the delegation hosted tastings with business leaders and supermarkets to introduce Fort Worth-made products to the Japanese market.

For Capua, the highlight of the trip was a special performance from a children's choir during the anniversary dinner celebration. The children performed Deep in the Heart of Texas for their Fort Worth guests.

"It was off the charts cute," said Capua.

“Adults enjoy these international experiences, but it’s 10 times as enriching for students”, said Capua. “The fastest way to achieve peace is to bring our young generations together so they build bridges, not walls.”

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