#SomethingGood: Senior Racks Up $2 Million in Scholarship Offers

Kiscada Hastings was accepted to 17 universities

A senior at International Leadership of Texas Keller-Saginaw in Fort Worth had a tough choice on his hands after being accepted to 17 universities.

Kiscada Hastings was accepted to schools from east to west, Stanford to Yale with hometown schools in between.

"The letters kept coming for a month, one after the other," mom Maricar Estrella said.

Kiscada also racked up more than $2 million in scholarship offers. Estrella said Kiscada alone had a fourth of the $8 million offered to the 67 students in his graduating class.

After weighing all the offers, Kiscada picked Yale, the private Ivy League university in New Haven, Connecticut.

Video from school counselor Larisa Kliman shows him walking him into principal Rodney Cooksy's office and wearing a T-shirt from Yale to announce his choice.

Kiscada will graduate from high school on Saturday, May 25. A month later, it's off to Connecticut to start a summer program at Yale.

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