#SomethingGood: Pre-K Greeters Welcome Classmates

Arlington students choose handshake, high five or hug to start their class day

Jamie Hesser, a pre-K teacher in the Arlington Independent School District, has a new routine for her students that is quickly becoming one of her favorite parts of the school day.

Each week, Mrs. Hesser, who teaches at Bryant Elementary, selects a student to act as the "greeter" for her two pre-K classes.

Both Hesser and the greeter then welcome the rest of the class into the classroom with a special greeting that the students choose for themselves.

On the doorframe, Hesser has placed three pictures which depict a hug, a high five and a handshake. The students entering the class must choose which greeting they want to participate in.

A video posted recently to the Bryant Elementary School Facebook page shows two students going through the routine – the first chooses a high five and the second chooses handshake.

The handshake student then extends their left hand to the greeter, before Hesser corrects them.

"Look in my eyes," Hesser tells the student in the video. "Thank you."

"It’s funny because it’s something that looks so simple, and they love doing it, but it also comes with so many benefits," Hesser noted, stressing that the greetings set a positive tone for the day.

"Everyone wants to know that they fit in and belong somewhere, and what better way than a look in the eye and a simple greeting," Hesser said.

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