#SomethingGood: Pedicab Driver Credits Off-Duty Irving Police Officer With Saving His Life

Often something good, can come from something terribly painful -- and a pedicab driver knows that all too well after surviving a cardiac arrest. He credits an Irving police officer with saving his life after the officer answered a call for help while he was off-duty.

For pedicab driver Mike Edwards, this was a chance to say thank you.

"And just be grateful to God," he said.

Six months ago, Edwards says he nearly lost his life if it wasn't for the quick thinking of his pedicab passengers and the immediate response of Irving Police Officer Trevor Maynard, who he now calls his hero.

"I was fortunate that God arranged all the pieces and everyone involved, the first responders, Officer Maynard, everybody did everything to top notch to have me here today," Edwards said.

Mike was peddling a pedicab in the urban center of Los Colinas. He came to a stop at the traffic light at Las Colinas Boulevard and O'Connor, and didn't move when it turned green.

Mike fell off the pedicab and went into cardiac arrest.

"While I was driving into work, I heard over the police radio, a 911 major accident being dispatched. I noticed it was very close to my location," Maynard said.

Officer Maynard was off-duty but realized how close he was to the call so he was able to get there within 30 seconds. He took over CPR from one of Edwards' pedicab passengers and continued until paramedics arrived.

"He has no pulse at that time. He was laying on his back, I looked at his eyes real quick, I noticed that they were extremely dilated and his breathing was extremely shallow," Maynard said.

Edwards remained in a coma for nearly four days.

"Really didn't have any symptoms at all, and turns out that I had a blockage which caused a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest," Edwards said.

Irving police recently recognized Officer Maynard for his actions at a ceremony.

"And with us today is Michael Edwards, the gentleman who’s life they saved," said Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey at the ceremony.

Today, Edwards shares a special bond with Officer Maynard, who he credits for saving his life.

"Gratitude every day," Edwards said. "Just to be alive and to be able to do all the things that I'm able to do, and working my way back to being able to do more than I could.

Maynard explained how the incident impacted his life as well.

"I see a lot of death, carnage and destruction, and being able to be in a situation where I'm able to save someone's life, it makes you feel extremely good," Maynard said. "Not just as a police officer, but as a person."

Edwards had two stents put into his heart and he has made some diet changes since his cardiac arrest. Edwards says he now has a clear calling to educate and motivate others about prevention and recovery from heart disease through diet and exercise.

He's in the process of writing a book about his experience and how he can help others.

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