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#SomethingGood: Nonprofit Builds Epic Costumes for Children in Wheelchairs

Wheelchair costumes turn kids into superheroes and rockstars and that is today's Something Good.

A unique event was all about creating magic, and building epic costumes for kids in a wheelchair.

For the first time this year, Amazon Prime and nonprofit "Magic Wheelchair" partnered together to host a special Halloween event for families in North Texas.

Every single costume was custom made to their imagination to bring their dreams to life. Amazon provided their "smile" boxes to create "boxtunes" for the kids, and creative volunteers take the costumes from idea to reality.

"We were contacted by them as an offer to raise awareness for inclusion and accessibility for Halloween, and both of our costumes do just that. We’re celebrating something that usually isn’t celebrated which is wheelchairs and accessibility and giving kiddos a voice that they deserve to have," said Christine Getman, Executive Director of Magic Wheelchair.

"Events like this are very powerful because it raises awareness for things that people often take for granted, or don’t think about," she said. "Halloween is a huge time of year for everyone. Dressing up is a lot of fun. Sometimes when you’re in a wheelchair, it feels like your costume doesn’t get enough attention or isn’t quite right for you when you sit down your wheelchair can swallow it up, so we build magic wheelchairs to help elevate what they want to be for Halloween, and who they really are, what they’re interested in.”

"It definitely is a lot easier with stuff like Magic Wheelchair," said Aidan, a Magic Wheelchair recipient. "It’s always been very hard to just go and find a costume."

Magic Wheelchair builds year-round for kids in North Texas and across the country.

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