#SomethingGood: Lewisville ISD Kindergartners Kick Off Kindness Challenge

Kids go to school to learn how to read, write and do math. Maybe they pick up a sport or learn a new trade, too. And just as important are lessons that teach them how to be better people.

The lesson in kindness at Castle Hills Elementary in the Lewisville ISD is something good. The group of five years olds and their parents showed their appreciation for their school crossing guards through the gift of coffee.

Last week, the five year olds walked to school, stopping to show the three crossing guards along the way how much they're appreciated with hugs, thank yous and gift certificates for coffee.

"I think it's important for them to learn early how to be kind and how to work well with others," said Principal Jaime Clark.

Clark joined her kindergartners and their parents as the school's youngest students put kindness into action.

"One of the parents noticed they drink coffee at the same coffee shop every day, so we came together to pay for their coffee for a few months," said mom Jen Wilder.

That act of kindness brought tears to crossing guard Lisa Ratliff. She talked about recently losing her mother and brother and the role the Castle Hills kids and parents played in helping her heal.

"Waving and talking to you guys made my day. So many of you tell me, I make your day. You have no idea," she said.

"Our goal at the school and as a community is to spread kindness. All it takes is one person to make a difference," Clark said. "One group can start it, and it continues on and spreads like wildfire."

"Rather than make this a one off thing, we're kicking this off as a challenge to another class at the elementary school to see who can come up with a random act of kindness for someone in their community," Wilder said.

And next up at Castle Hills are the third graders. The kindergartners challenged them to be the next group to spread kindness.

"Oh, we're gonna top today. Third grade's gonna do something better. I promise you," smiled Clark.

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