#SomethingGood : ‘Knit Wits’, a Club for Seniors, Warming Hearts Through Knitting

Something Good is happening at the Edgemere Retirement Community in Dallas as 20 seniors living there spread love through knitting.

They affectionately call themselves the Knit Wits. The club was formed back in 2010 when they decided to knit items for troops in Afghanistan.

That labor of love quickly spread to local support groups helping others.

"We meet to socialize and enjoy each other’s company, as well as making items for charity," said Marianne Mead, co-founder of the Knit Wits.

In the last decade, they have knitted scarves, hats, blankets and more for local charities.

"The Knit Wits was started 10 years ago to make caps and scarves for the troops in Afghanistan," Mead said. "When they were no longer needed, we made 'chemo caps' for Presbyterian Hospital, 'preemie' caps for Parkland Hospital and every other year we have had a Holiday Bazaar for the benefit of Genesis Women’s Shelter. Our most recent project has been knitting teddy bears for Scottish Rite Hospital."

While they help others, they are also helping themselves.

"The repetitious motion of knitting, crochet and needlepoint is therapeutic, similar to yoga, so we are helping ourselves as well as others," Mead said.

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