#SomethingGood: ‘Good Day' as 2-Year-Old Celebrates Milestone

Seeing your child develop at a different pace than others can be alarming. But, a North Texas family who has a child with developmental delays is celebrating every milestone, and it’s Something Good.

2-year-old Michael Hernandez has had what’s called gross motor skill delay since he was a baby. By the time he was 9 months old, he still couldn’t sit, roll, or stand up.

His mother, Angela Hernandez says after several months of physical therapy he finally started walking, and just a few days ago, they took him to play a little golf.

His parents were surprised at how well he held the club, turned around into position like a real pro, and then sent the ball right in the hole.

Mike’s mother told us, "It was a good, day. Indeed."

Keep pushing forward, Mike!

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