#SomethingGood: Dallas-Based Mobile App Feeding Underserved Community

There's an app for almost anything these days and there's one based in Dallas that is working towards social change.

Simply put, customers find a restaurant and the app TangoTab fights hunger at the same time.

"Individuals open up the app when they dine at restaurants," said Nick Marino, Jr., Director of Social Change for TangoTab. "They open it and click 'count me in' on that restaurant and then they check in at that restaurant on the app every time they go out to eat."

Each time someone checks in with the app, which has been around since 2012, TangoTab will provide a meal to a person in need in North Texas.

Marino, Jr. said they have taken their social responsibility a step further, helping communities with self-sustainability. They are not just giving someone a fish but teaching them how to fish as well.

"What we wanted to do was implement community gardens at these local organizations where they can provide healthy and nutritious food to all of their clients through their times in need," said Marino, Jr. "Throughout that time, we wanted to take it one step closer and actually create a sustainable solution beyond just donating monetary funds to these awesome organizations. We partner up with Big Tex Urban Farms because they know the industry of gardening and farming."

One of those local organizations is an old space at The Bridge, a homeless recovery center in Dallas.

"If we're able to provide them this food. These veggies and this produce that they are able to eat and nourish their bodies, then that gives them the energy [they need.] That helps them stay healthy throughout a long workday,” said Marino, Jr.

While many who are homeless in the area benefit from TangoTab’s efforts, Marino, Jr. made it clear it is not lost on him that hunger doesn’t always mean someone is homeless.

"Individuals who are going to bed hungry are the individuals handing you your receipt at your local grocery story, or the individuals handling your dry cleaning. Someone down on their luck and going through a hard time in life,” said Marino, Jr.

Marino, Jr. said he hopes this encourages anyone struggling to keep going, that there's assistance and that people do care. His hope is that people start to see their struggles grow into opportunity, you just have to know where to plant the seed.

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