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Something Good: Couple Spends Retirement Years Helping Others

After living in New York for 26 years, North Texas native George Crittenden Jr., says he recently decided it was time to move back home and care for his aging parents -- but he's having a hard time keeping up with them.

Crittenden said his dad, 94-year-old George Crittenden Sr., retired from the ministry in 1987 and, along with his wife, 91-year-old Edith, got busy helping others.

The couple formed the League of Mercy with the Salvation Army where, several days a week, they visit patients in Tarrant County nursing homes.

"My mother memorizes what each home needs; their apartment is an ever changing landscape of donations, waiting to be delivered," Crittenden said.

When they're not visiting nursing homes, the days are filled with other acts of service.

"My dad, George, holds two Bible studies monthly and continues to accept memorials, funerals and Wednesday evening pray meetings," Crittenden wrote.

The younger Crittenden wrote NBC 5 to suggest his parents be featured in the Tell Me Something Good segment of our morning show, NBC DFW Today.

"Their enthusiasm is infectious," said the son. "I am in awe of them."

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