#SomethingGood: 3-Year-Old Boy Finds Unlikely Friendship With Sanitation Worker

Natalie Jones will tell you one of the greatest joys she experiences daily is her son’s smile.

"He is just so adorable. He’s just great," Jones said.

Her son, Caleb, has Down syndrome. The 3-year-old also uses a trach tube to help him breathe. While Caleb needs around-the-clock care, Jones said it’s hard to tell once you see the joy in his face.

Recently, there has been someone else making Caleb smile: the waste management man who comes by every Monday.

Monday mornings between 10 and 11, Caleb waits at the glass door. Not outside, because of his compromised immune system, but inside. Caleb knows that not only will he get a wave, but also two honks from the truck.

"He is just so good to my son! It makes me so happy and Caleb likes it, too," Jones said. "He stops to run the truck in front of our house so Caleb can watch. The,, he gives him a double toot every time he leaves."

Jones said as if that little act of kindness wasn’t enough, the Waste Connections worker recently left a note for Caleb that read, "To my favorite little customer. Thank you. Your Trash Guy."

He also left Caleb a Waste Connections hat, so he will always be a member of the team.

And the NBC 5 Today family would like to wish Caleb a very happy birthday! He turns four on July 4!

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