Some Preston Hollow Neighbors Still Rebuilding After 2019 Tornado Damage

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Peggy Marks lives in the Park Preston neighborhood of the Preston Hollow section of Dallas.

Fortunately, she wasn’t home when the tornado severely damaged her home in October 2019.

“It looked like a war zone in someone else’s country,” Marks said.

Phyllis Saletan and her husband Zach were home.

“I was holding our little dog in bed when everything came crashing in,” Phyllis Saletan said.

Both families have since rebuilt. But Ms. Marks just moved back in 2 months ago.

“It was not easy for me,” Marks said. “It was probably easier for a young person, however, Joan is younger than I am and it wasn’t easy for her either. I don’t know that it was easy for anyone.”

Zach Saletan’s process only took nine months. But he’s seen the difficulties others faced in the rebuilding process.

“Between the COVID, and getting permits, some people are taking lots and dividing into duplexes or single-family, dividing them,” Zach Saletan said. “And the price of lumber went through the roof.”

For now, some empty lots sit waiting for work to begin.  On others, construction is underway.

Neighbors know it’s a process and know it won’t always look like this.

“Not more than a year I think we’ll start to see things move quicker,” Zach Saletan said.

“I’m going to guess another year just because of the lots that haven’t been built yet,” Marks said.

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