Investigation Into Teen Prostitution Case Continues

Woman who knows both teens says she doesn't believe allegations

Irving police investigating a high school student accused of trafficking a 15-year-old girl are trying to determine if there are other victims.

Travis Lekas, 17, is accused of coercing a fellow Nimitz High School student into prostitution with multiple men.

The arrest report states that the 15-year-old "made an outcry that suspect one and suspect two had unwanted sexual intercourse with her after giving her pills to ingest."

Police sources say investigators will also interview Jennifer Stephens, who says Lekas lived with her for some time last year. Stephens said she doesn't believe the prostitution allegations.

"Maybe he was a little troubled," she said. "Did he run a sex ring? No. When one person says a lie, everyone wants to join in -- 'He did that to me, too.' They don't realize the consequences Travis has to face now."

Stephens, who said teenagers in the neighborhood know they can call her if they are in trouble, said she knows the 15-year-old and has helped her.

She said she picked up the 15-year-old girl from a parking lot and brought her home to her relieved family. The girl's family confirmed that Stephens dropped off the teen.

"The night I picked her up, I said, 'You’re on something. What are you on? Your parents need to know in case they need to pump your stomach,'" Stephens said.

She said the girl told her she had taken Xanax.

Irving police say Lekas gave the 15-year-old Xanax, marijuana and alcohol and coerced her into prostitution.

Stephens said she does not believe Lekas held her against her will and said she believes the girl is lying.

Irving police told NBC 5 they have interviewed the girl and have enough evidence to charge Lekas.

Investigators say they believe Lekas tried to recruit high school and middle school girls for prostitution. When asked why Lekas would spend time with middle school students, Stephens said that Lekas, a high school freshman, was in middle school just last year.

"Last year, he was in middle school -- just last year, he was there," she said. "Yes, he's much older, but he's failed a few grades, so he's on that level."

Nimitz High School had extra counselors on Wednesday to talk with anyone affected by the investigation.

Sophomore Kamille Newton said she knows Lekas and is stunned by the allegations.

"He just seemed like a bad student," she said. "He just didn't care about school. All he cared about was drugs and stuff."

"I don't know how he would try to think that would be OK, that he could pull that off," she said. "Eventually, he'd get caught."

NBC 5's Kendra Lyn contributed to this report.

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