Some North Texans Urged to Conserve and Cut Back on Water Use

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It's that time of year many North Texans come to expect.

"Definitely dry and tough keeping the grass alive," Lewisville homeowner Anthony Carmona said.

It could become even tougher after the City of Lewisville recently asked people to cut back on watering their lawns.

"It's not a problem to me,” Carmona said. Anything that is going to help the community and help the people, I'm all for that, so that's the main thing for me."

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District provides water to Lewisville and other cities. The executive director says water is available.

"Lake Lewisville is our primary water supply as well as Lake [Jim] Chapman and our overall supply is in the high 90% level going into the summer. So, we have the water," said Larry Patterson, Upper Trinity Regional Water District executive director.

But still, the agency has implemented its Stage 1 Drought Restrictions. This means outdoor watering is limited to two times per week and no watering between 10 a.m and 6 p.m.

The weather is not the only thing causing the need for restrictions.

"There is a lot of growth in the area as well and we are seeing our demands on the water system be about 15 to 20% above, let's say, a typical summer," Patterson said.

Since the restrictions were announced on June 29, they've seen a 2- to 3% decrease in usage. The goal is to at least reach 5%.

"We want to make sure we have the capability to provide water to all of our customers without any disruptions in supply and we want to not waste water," Patterson said.

Carmona said he'll do his part and he is hoping others will, too.   

"We love our yard, and as much as it sucks, kind of cut down on your watering and that sort of thing. Really, just any little thing you can do to help you know," Carmona said.

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