Some North Texans Beat the Heat With a Summer Blockbuster

The heat is settling in, and since Mother Nature won't be giving us a break anytime soon, resourceful Texans are finding their own ways to stay cool.

Step through the doors of a movie theater, and the seasons change.

"I walked in from outside like, 'Oh, thank you Lord for air!'" said movie-goer Diana Clyburn, at Movie Tavern in Bedford.

"You open the door, and it's, 'Ahh!' It's like stepping into a refrigerator in Texas," Cody Reeder added.

Movie Tavern general manager Terry Sullivan said they expect to serve more than 2,000 movie-goers on Friday alone.

"We keep it in here about 70, 71 degrees in the theaters, so it's extremely comfortable," Sullivan said.

Twins Michele Garcia and Karen Diedrich came to Movie Tavern Friday to celebrate a cool joint birthday.

"Going to watch a movie is the perfect way to escape the horrible, horrible Texas heat that we're still not getting used to," Garcia said.

And this Texas summer is bursting with blockbusters.

"'Dunkirk' is doing very well, 'Valerian' is coming out doing well, 'The Big Sick' got great reviews and, of course, 'Girls Trip,'" Sullivan said.

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