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Some Newly Registered Voters Motivated by Debate

With just more than a month until Election Day, events and registration tables across North Texas helped mark National Voter Registration Day.

At the courthouse in Hurst, about 30 people had already registered by the early afternoon, and two Fort Worth residents said they were motivated to register because of Monday night's presidential debate.

Rudy Ayala has lived in Fort Worth for 64 years and is now officially a registered voter.

"I watched the debate last night, and it brought the urge to finally come and vote, register to vote," said Ayala.

The same goes for Robin Chandler, who has been in Fort Worth for 46 years. She came to the courthouse for an entirely different reason, and saw the registration table.

"When I came in here, that was a sign," said Chandler.

They both said they are more plugged-in this time around than ever before, and it is because of the candidates. Chandler is for Donald Trump, and Ayala is for Hillary Clinton.

But they are both in favor of registering earlier than they did.

"Don't wait until you are 46, do it when you turn 18," said Chandler.

And Ayala was just as emphatic.

"Get out and vote," he said.

Oct. 11 is the last day to register for the Nov. 8 general election.

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