Social Media Influencer Uses Following to Inspire Thousands

Millennials in their early 20s can amass tens of thousands of followers and grow a powerful movement

Social media influencers can wield quite a bit of power as they cash in on their legions of followers.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, all popular social networks, are where millennials in their early 20s can amass tens of thousands of followers and grow a powerful movement.

“I went home, posted a picture, and I got a sponsorship emailed to me the next day,” said Braxton Kilgo.

Kilgo began building his presence on Instagram when he was just 19 years old after he was approached by recruiter at a fitness expo. He then started a clothing brand as a freshman in college. “And then really just marketing and advertising myself as a brand, but then also, my brands, it just really caught traffic then,” said Kilgo.

Now at 23, Braxton has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. But clothing and advertising sports drinks is no longer his focus.

“The main purpose of my page is to just love on other people and spread positivity,” said Kilgo.

Braxton wants to use his social media influence to connect people around the world. He has created a collection of bracelets with a mission to connect. Fashionable, versatile, but more importantly, they are purposeful, and he’s using his platform to start what he hopes will spark a movement.

“I think if you want to label yourself as an influencer, I think that you have to realize that you have a responsibility, you have to take that section, the influencer, and do something with it,” said Kilgo.

The “I believe in you” vision all started when Braxton was asked to speak at a middle school in Mineral Wells.

“Some kids were cutting themselves. They had bad home lives. Some of these kids were abused. Some of the kids struggled with bullying,” said Kilgo. After hearing the stories of students, Kilgo realized he needed to change his tone, not only for that speech, but for his followers on social media.

“I really believe that my purpose in this life is to change other people. I love people, I just want to spread that,” said Kilgo.

Each of Braxton’s bracelets are connected though an app. As you trade bracelets, you can use the app to share your story, from the most negative situation, to the most positive, with the hope of giving that person a bit of encouragement.

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