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Soccer Players Say Reading Mixes Well With Their Sport

Soccer in the summer is not just for World Cup players. FC Dallas welcomes students to come and hone their skills throughout the summer -- but when not on the pitch, the team wants players to pick up a book and not a tablet.

"We're looking for good people, good athletes and during soccer there's going to be down time. We're staying away from technology and what better way than to bury yourself in a book," said Camp Director Chris Clarke.

NBC 5's Reading With You summer reading program was able to step in and pass out books to the students at camp.

We came to soccer camp because this week's suggested book from Reading Partners North Texas is Soccermania and it's packed with all kinds of facts and figures about soccer.

We gave the soccer players a book about soccer and, well, they dove in. Teachers said kids can read about anything from soccer to science fiction as long as they're reading.

Kayla Peters told us books are more fun than just hanging around.

"They tell you amazing stories you can relate to and help you through life more," said Peters.

NBC 5's Reading with You campaign encourages all students to read something during the summer months to prevent summer slide.

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