So You Want to Trade or Cut Tony Romo? Well, It's Not Cheap

I constantly hear from fans on social media and on my NBC Sports Radio show about “trading” Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Dak Prescott is doing a great job, but I’m 100 percent against that this season.

Trading Romo is a costly proposition. According to the website www.overthecap.com, Romo has a $19.6 million dollar cap charge in 2017.

The Cowboys could release Romo after June 1.

This is a popular way a lot of teams move on from players and OTC wrote this about that very move:

This is a popular idea because of the fact that the June 1 cut allows a team to spread the dead money charge across two seasons. In this case Dallas would take a $10.7 million cap charge in 2017 and an $8.9 million charge in 2018 rather than a $19.6 million charge all in 2017. The difficulty with this scenario is that Dallas would be forced to carry Romo on their roster at a $24.7 million cap charge through June 1. The savings are not reflected during free agency nor are the savings reflected at the start of the league year when a team must be salary cap compliant.

Want to keep Romo as a backup and make him take a pay cut? 

Want Romo to retire?

These scenarios are discussed here. And they do a great of explaining it at Over The Cap. 

Dallas has a lot more reasons to keep Tony Romo around and money is a big part of it.  

Jerry Jones kept on restructuring Romo’s contract to kick the can down the road on paying for it.

Nobody thought it would be an issue when Dak Prescott was drafted in the fourth round back in April.

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