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Snapchat's New ‘Snapmap' Feature Has Users on Edge

It is one of the most popular social media apps available.

But a new feature on Snapchat is raising privacy concerns.

It's called “Snapmap.” It lets you share your location on a map, right down to the street.

“It sends chills up your spine,” said 13-year-old Leo Martinez, of Anna.

Martinez says he thought the feature was “cool” at first but not anymore.

The app can pinpoint your location, even when you’re not posting. Friends can see your location but if a stranger follows your account, they can see your location too.

Law enforcement agencies are concerned the feature could show criminals where you are.

“It's pretty scary that they might show up at your door one day,” Martinez said.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert about the new feature, warning parents and users about potential risks.

Disabling Snapmap is easy. Pinch the homes screen, click on settings and turn on “Ghost Mode” to keep your location private.

Users can also customize a friends list if you want to share your location with certain people.

You can also disable location services for Snapchat on your cell phone.

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