SMU Unveils New Decked-Out Video Game Student Center

Unfortunately, you have to be a student there to use it -- darn

Though video games might once have been thought to contribute to student procrastination more than any other single distracter, Southern Methodist University opened a decked-out fantasy game lounge in cooperation with Gamestop for its students on Thursday.

Video games are a major industry, and SMU already houses what they say is the nation’s premier digital game development education program, the Guildhall. In addition to student relaxation, the school will use the center for testing out games and projects created on campus.

Technology will include a 161-inch high definition DLP projector, 24 game consoles (including two Wiis, two PS3's and two Xbox 360's), a top-of-the-line Alienware gaming system, a stage for Rock Band and Guitar Hero and a game library where students will be allowed to check out many other games for console and PC.

Holly LaFon is a Dallas journalist who has written and worked for various local publications including D Magazine and examiner.

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