SMU Students Gather to Watch Presidential Debate

Students at Southern Methodist University have gathered all election season to debate each presidential debate, and they gathered once again Wednesday night. Though the candidates are courting millennials, some are still undecided or apathetic about voting.

"This is a very important event in American life," professor Benjamin Voth told the lecture hall before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the debate stage.

"I honestly think it's a little bit sad at this point in the campaign – these two folks might be two of the most hated people in the world," Voth added.

"You're making a choice for the next four years," said Hannah Claire Brimelow, an SMU senior and undecided voter. "I really don't feel confident in either candidate right now."

"I feel more drawn to Donald Trump," but not drawn enough to vote for him, explained SMU senior Erik Nelson. "I don't intend to vote, no. If I was going to vote, I'd probably go and write in Ron Paul."

The debates have been some of the most watched TV in history, but the professor pointed out, they have also been some of the lowest points in TV history.

"Debates should be about what is right," said Voth. "Not who is right."

For some students, watching the debate is like cramming for finals before the best test, or in this case, the vote. For others, it's more like watching Netflix.

"I've been treating this election kind of like a reality TV show," Nelson said with a smile. "And I just wish they'd make another season."

After the debate, Voth conducted a straw poll to see who students thought won the debate. They picked Clinton by a small margin.

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