SMU Students Disappointed About NCAA Sanctions

Students at Southern Methodist University were disappointed Tuesday after the NCAA handed down sanctions against the men's basketball and golf teams.

Mainly, the concern among students was the restriction placed on the basketball team from playing in the postseason.

"This is a team that had very high expectations to make a run and do something big, but now it's all gone," said SMU student Andrew Baldridge.

Many say basketball is the sport that excites the student fan base at the university, and they were looking forward to the upcoming season.

"Basketball is really precious to us, and we're unable to enjoy that this year," Baldridge said. "We were all looking forward to it, but it's bad news for the whole SMU community."

Many students stand by head coach Larry Brown and credit him with turning around the program.

"I was a little taken aback. I think it might be a little harsh for what happened, but I think Larry Brown is still going to come out on top," said student Hollis Byram. "With his past and everything, regardless, he's still done amazing things with our basketball program here, and it has just really taken off in the past couple years. I think no matter what they throw at him, he's going to take it with a grain of salt and still our basketball program is going to recover."

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